Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TwD - Hungarian Shortbread

Hungarian Shortbread with Apricot Jam

Wordpress doesn't like me.  Its not that I'm getting hate mail or anything I just can't sign on to any wordpress sites.  That's a problem since Tuesdays and French Fridays with Dorie are both wordpress.  Sigh...

OK, moving on to the recipe, I'm not crazy about this one.  Its oh so very sweet and I wish I had skipped the powdered sugar on top.   Its just me, right?  The technique of grating the frozen dough was a step I was tempted to skip but I asked myself why am I participating if I don't want to try new techniques?  Isn't that what is at the heart of this whole project?  I'm glad I grated, the texture is amazing.  The lightest shortbread I've ever eaten.

I have to admit the cookies needed to cool more before I cut them but the light was fading and I needed a picture and you know what its like when the light is fading and you need a picture!

I think I'll try these in the morning with a cup of strong black coffee.  Something to cut the sweetness is needed, at least for me.

Our hosts are Cher and 1 Small Kithchen.  Thank you ladies for posting the recipe.


  1. The powdered sugar was a little funky for me as well - I wish I waited until the bars cooled to add it.
    I agree that sometimes, you just have to try new techniquest because, well, you never know :-)

    Thanks for baking a long this week. Glad you caught the light for your picture.

    1. Just wanted to let you know that I was able to post your link :-) Anytime!

      Have you tried logging out of Google? I used to have that problem sometimes & that helped.

  2. I skipped the powdered sugar on top... it just seemed too much.. you really do need a tart jam to cut through that sweetnesss..

  3. I was glad I waited till it was cold before sprinkling the icing sugar: so I didn't need to use too much of it. I also reduced the sugar amount in the dough and the butter...
    Reductions here and there, but I promise: they were delicious !

  4. Despite the fact that you do not enjoy them all that much, the photo of your Hungarian Shortbread is very lovely. Strong black coffee does go very well with this, I tried it...Hope that the problem with the Wordpress account will be fixed soon..but I did find your post after all!

  5. I agree - these are really rich and sweet (just a small square is all you - or, a salty-lovin' girl like me - needs).

    As for WordPress, it's a complete puzzle. The new comment thingy is installed automatically on the free version of WP - the wordpress.com hosted blogs. I self-host my blog, and I refuse to install that commenting whatchamajig. I have a ton of comment control options - blocking, sorting out the spammers from the friendlies, permanently identifying friendlies, so I don't need WordPress to funnel people out of the way with that login.

    Honestly, I have a wordpress.com account, and I have a hard time on some blogs, too. I'm not sure what the magic setting is - I suspect some themes are not working and playing well with the new commenting plug-in, which is why some WP sites are problematic, and some aren't.

  6. I also found this recipe to be a bit too sweet and my bottom crust was not so cake like! I also didn’t like adding the powdered sugar while still hot! Your bars look wonderful…and I’m sure would be delicious with a cup of tea! Happy May Day, Guyla!

    I had trouble last friday with word press, too. However, so did some word press bloggers…it wasn’t you!

  7. I bet these would be delicious with a cup of black coffee! I didn't use the powdered sugar on top and dropped the sugar in the recipe by 1/2 cup and with those changes, these didn't seem too sweet to me. Hope you find a nice balance!

  8. they have been having some technical difficulties lately... :( glad you liked these! my hubby had his with his morning coffee which usually is consumed on its own and i had mine with some strong tea and it was PERFECT!

    Alice @ http://acookingmizer.wordpress.com

  9. I'm definitely going to have to try these with coffee, too. That sounds like the perfect combination. Your shortbread looks great!

  10. I agree that this is the lightest shortbread I've ever eaten...everyone around here made that comment too. I've also had internet and cell phone issues today...must be something in the air. Hope we have better luck tomorrow.

  11. Yes, something's going on with Wordpress. I have to scroll over my blog's name at the Wordpress home side and click on my "Manage Comments" tab. It's odd. Great looking shortbread, though!

  12. No it's not just you and I thought it was just me; glad there are others that felt the same that these were not up to par. For those that left the sugar off I thought they looked great without it. If only we could mimic natural light!

  13. looks irresistably hearty
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    awesome space you have
    happy following you..:)
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    Tasty Appetite

  14. Blogger hasn't been very fond of me either, lately. I don't like the idea that both platforms are going for more of a closed community feel, as the point of blogging is sharing across the web.

    I hope the Pecan Sticky Buns are more of a favourite for you. The word of the month seems to be butter, doesn't it?

  15. i like your point about trying new techniques. sometimes i'm lazy and ignore the instructions and just make things the way i normally do, but you're completely right that that kind of defeats the purpose. sorry you didn't like these better.