Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coming Clean - I've Made a Mess Of It

When I began blogging I was afraid of putting myself out there in the public domain.  It was easy to use a pseudo identity.  I'd been doing it most of my life.  

My given name is Guyla.  It looks simple enough, Guy + la, but the things people can come up with leaves me scratching my head not sure if they're talking to me or someone else.  I had a nickname from the time I was 2 days old until I was 30 when I decided to become Guyla.  So I took up my name and learned to enjoy the uniqueness....except when I'm somewhere like Starbucks and they ask for my name.  Then I ALWAYS use Lola.  I call Lola my stage name.  It was natural to use Lola when I began blogging.

Then the photography!  Once I joined the cooking group French Fridays with Dorie and we all want to include a photo of the dish we cooked, the photography became as important as the food!  I've joined a couple of photography groups on line in an effort to learn and improve my photo skills.  One of them requires I use my real name.  Instead of puzzling out how they would know what my 'real' name is I decided to create a blog Prufrock's Playground, using my name, Guyla.  

Then the trouble began!  I have great ideas!  I do not have the skills to carry them out!  So now I have two blogs and they both have Lola and Guyla included in the info.  I can't figure it out...yet.  


  1. When I get some time, and when the economy gets better so I can get a new camera...I'll join a photo group and learn to take better pics...your are great! Fun to learn new skills, isn't it?

  2. It's funny how many people don't use their real names at Starbucks! I had a friend named "Gayla". You know, I don't blame you with all the real and imagined threats to identity on the internet, you were smart to be cautious.

  3. Hello! I'm new at the blogging world and very bad at taking pictures! I have a blog about baking and would like to know how to sign up in an online group for photography like yours! Is it free??

  4. I understand how confusing this all can be- that's why I call my blog Patty's Food then I always remember who I am,just kidding! Good luck sorting it all out and with your photography;-)

  5. I was wondering what was up when I came to comment on your FFwD post :) Thanks for clearing up the mystery! Good to know you'll be baking with Julia, too!