Sunday, December 22, 2013

FFwD - Recipe-Swap Onion "Carbonara"

2 #s of onions ready for the steamer

I seem to be stuck in a pattern of cooking but not blogging! Maybe after the holidays I will get back into the schedule. No, maybe after the arrival of our granddaughter on January 3rd! We are excited to meet her and also to see what kind of a brother Mr. Adorable will be to Miss Adorable! We predict he will be Extraordinary! 
Spaghetti and Onions Carbonara

For this week's French Friday recipe I went the spaghetti route. After a day of baking I wanted a quick and delicious dinner and this was my opinion not shared by Gary! Gary of 'will eat anything' fame didn't like this! He ate a bit and then went for leftovers! He said he's finally found something that bacon should NOT go on! Unbelievable! His sweet mother is with us and she thought it was good and cleaned her plate. I think she was as surprised by Gary's reaction as I was! Bacon, onions, cream and cheese over pasta? What's not to love?

Merry Christmas to all! Stop by the French Friday page to see everyone else's experience with the recipe!


  1. Hilarious reaction. I was shocked but at how much my hubby DID like this one. Even I was like, "ok hon- glad you like it" and he is shoveling it in and telling me that it is one of the best so far. Wonders never cease. I enjoyed it but it did not come close to displacing sugar crusted French toast :) Oh, I am so excited to hear that the new addition is so close. What a special holiday season for you all !! I look forward to photos of Miss Adorable gracing the 1st French Friday that she makes it for. Or the first one where you put her down and pick the camera up :) Merry Christmas !!

  2. LOL...I'm so glad it was someone else's husband this time! Have a wonderful Christmas and let us know when your sweet grandbaby arrives :)

  3. How exciting, expecting another grandchild. Jan. 3rd is my son's birthday too. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas
    and a Happy New Year.

  4. I am surprised - since this seemed to be a hit with most of the Dorista's other halves :-)

    Congratulations on the almost here grandbaby. Pictures are mandatory, of course...

    Merry Christmas, Guyla!

  5. Your Gary's the first DHs not liking this!! Now, that's a surprise! Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

  6. Too bad that Gary didn't enjoy this one, but glad that you and your mother-in-law did. I was so happy to be reminded how much I like carbonara. The leftovers were also great in a frittata. Guyla, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. And how exciting to have a new grandbaby almost here. Can't wait to see pictures after she arrives!

  7. We really enjoyed this one over pasta. Funny that your husband didn't like this - I can usually predict what my husband will and won't like, and it's always funny to me when I'm wrong. I'm excited to see photos of your new granddaughter!

  8. Congratulations!! I think you get a total pass (I do not have your excuse!!). I thought this was yummy too. I had mine with a bit of pasta as well - at least it was a hit with most of your folks!