Friday, April 5, 2013

FFwD - Pierre Hermé's Olive Sablés

Olive Sables
I was happy with this one.  I didn't have any trouble finding potato starch.  My dough came together quickly and easily and after chilling it was easy to slice.  It produced a tender and flavorful cookie.  I used oil cured olives and they have the perfect degree of saltiness to balance the sweetness of the cookie.  My husband and guests loved them!  I made the whole recipe, cooked one roll and have the other two sliced and frozen, ready to bake at a moments notice.  Cocktail party in an instant!  They were delicious with brie!
Ispahan Loaf Cake Sort Of
Since my epic fail with the ispahan loaf cake I've been having recurring nightmares of being a failed baker.  One day while wasting time surfing the internet I found a super simple cake recipe.  Who doesn't want a super simple cake recipe?  So I decided to try it subbing the rose flavoring for the vanilla.  This yogurt cake from The Cooking Frog is as easy and good as she says it is!  That said, I'm throwing out my rose extract.  We don't like it.  The cake is good though and its my new 'go to' easy and quick dessert!
Open Faced Bacon Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
What's not to love?
One more quick thing then I'll let you go.  This project we are working on together is making me a better cook.  That hit home for me when I was going through leftovers from Easter Brunch.  I had tomatoes, mozzarella, and bacon and a few slices of bread.  I asked myself how to best use them.  "Damned if I know, Kimosabe.  All I know is when you're making those kind of calls, you're up in the high country."  Joe vs. The Volcano.  As we were happily munching away on our open faced oven broiled bacon sandwiches I realized how Dorie has made me a more confident and creative cook.  Thank you Dorie Greenspan, fellow French Friday cooks, and the originators and administrators of French Fridays with Dorie.

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  1. Your tray of nibbles looks very tasty.

    Glad you found a cake that worked for you - those baking slumps can be a real bear to get out of.

    And I agree - FFwD has pushed me into arenas I never thought I'd play in. Go us!

  2. Guyla, I think your black olive sablés look wonderful, they have a nice color - and I love that you presented them on a platter with more black olives, brie, salami and veggies! We really enjoyed them tremendously and I liked them much better than the seaweed sablés that we made a while back. And your yogurt cake with fresh raspberries looks like the perfect afternoon cake to be enjoyed with a lovely cup of tea! And I agree that FFwD has made us more adventurous and better cooks/bakers - thanks for pointing that out!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Guyla, Love that you served your sablés with brie. Such a wonderful paring! Your appetizer platter looks so delectable! These cookies were a big hit in my house…I couldn’t eat just one!!
    I had a huge mishap with my Ispahan Loaf…thats why I haven’t posted it yet! One mishap, three kids visiting and no time for the computer! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. That tray looks mouth watering Guyla! I could that for dinner for days without complaining. Beautiful sables, and very very interesting how they go well with brie. Who would´ve thought! Have a great weekend!

  5. What a great cocktail platter! I set out the sables with some other pre-dinner snacks and we just turned it into dinner because we couldn't stop snacking. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Well done on all your dishes, Guyla! Yes, Dorie has done wonders for my baking...definitely expanding my horizons! Happy weekend! xo

  7. I agree with everyone, that platter looks scrumptious. I also like the way you created a great sandwich with those leftovers. Looks so
    delicious. Have a great weekend.

  8. I feel just as you do, Guyla. FFWD is making me a better and more confident cook. I had also gotten rusty because I'd done so little cooking the past 5 or 6 years and it certainly has helped with that. Just the fact that we have to make something different every single week keeps you on your toes. Plus we get to have all these damn strange ingredients tored in our cupboards in case Giada De Laurentiis or Bobby Flay come calling. That would be so impressive. I think all three of your photos are evidence that you are making some very tasty treats for your plates. Lovely app platter.

  9. I would LOVE to have Bobby Flay come calling:)

  10. I feel like I might do the same with my rose extract and syrup! Your platter of cocktail nibbles looks so inviting and I can imagine that the sables taste even better with the salty savoriness going on there. I also agree with you that cooking along with all of you and Dorie's book has given me the confidence to be much more creative with my cooking and baking. Your open face sandwich looks wonderful. Have a great week!