Thursday, November 1, 2012

FFwD - Mushroom and Shallot Quiche

Many of the blogs I've read over the years talk about Nick Malgieri's pie crust so I decided to try it for this quiche. It worked great but it is quite different from a traditional flaky crust. It's more like a cookie crust which might seem odd with a mushroom quiche but somehow it goes together beautifully.

Mixing the quiche I was thinking it was a bit fussy with the sprinkle the thyme then the mushrooms and top with scallions and cheese so while I'm thinking about it being fussy I forgot to spread the mushrooms! Yes I forgot the mushrooms for the mushroom quiche! Luckily I wondered what was in the bowl on the counter...duh! I sort of dropped them on top and all was well.

I'll definitely make this again. I brought it to my daughter's in law house to share with her and we both enjoyed it. My son, the non mushroom eater wonders why I didn't substitute tomatoes... Maybe next time:)

I've just written my first post on my ipad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one! Sorry but I don't know how to link back to the French Friday page. If anyone knows how I'd appreciate the info.

Happily so far all our NE Doristas seem to be in good shape. So sorry for all the folks with no power. Hope it will be back soon!


  1. I loved the filling in this quiche - the crust sounds interesting.
    If you can't get your link up, just drop me a comment and I can throw it up for you later :-)

  2. I'm glad you remembered the mushrooms! Your quiche looks delicious;-)

  3. The same sort of distractions go on in my kitchen! Glad you saved the day and ended up with a quiche full of mushrooms :) Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Wonderful Mushroom Shallot Quiche - how nice that you got to share it with your duaghter-in-law! Tomatoes are also wonderful in a quiche, in fact, most veggies are and this lovely recipe certainly leaves some room for different equally delicious interpretations!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. I get distracted like that myself. It looks like the end result was a success. I haven't figured out to post from my iPad yet, but I do have a quite a bit of trouble reading blogs from it. I can't comment at least half the time. It's frustrating. Have your figured that part out yet?

  6. This is a tasty recipe, one that I will definitely be making again. Yours looks perfect.

  7. I think it's impressive that you typed this from your iPad. Do you have a keyboard for it? I have the iPad/Keyboard, the whole deal, and I find I don't use it much. My Bad. Dorie's recipes are very forgiving, aren't they? Forget this? Substitute that? Throw in something extra? It usually works. Most of thought this was a delicious quiche. It's the best one of hers I've made so far.