Saturday, September 22, 2012

FFwD - Chicken Basquaise and Spice-Poached Pears

Chicken Basquaise
Delicious! We loved this one!  In fact we seem to be on a winning streak with Around My French Table.

This time of year the garden is winding down its pepper production but it was nice to use what I had and only supplement with a banana pepper from the store.  The tomatoes were a big disappointment!  I bought a 4 pack and two of them were molded by the next day!  I keep telling myself I'm taking produce back to the store when that happens but once again I didn't.  Luckily I had some cherry tomatoes to throw in.  And I didn't peel:)

Last week I was in Mill Valley, CA sharing a beautiful house with a friend.  We had a great time in Muir Woods and Sonoma and Napa Valley.  Great food and wine shared in a beautiful setting with a good friend.  Does it get any better than that?  But that's a whole other post...

One of the fun things about the trip was cooking in the gorgeous state of the art kitchen of the house we were in.  We made delicious breakfasts most days and a couple of dinners.  My spice-poached pears were a welcome dessert served with a piece of salted dark chocolate.  A perfect ending to a perfect day and a memory to cherish.

Spice-Poached Pears

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  1. Both dishes look tasty. I still need to do the poached pears. Bet they tasted darn good in California:-)

  2. Your chicken dish and pears look and sound delicious! We love that side of the bay for hiking and we need to check out Muir Woods! Sounds as if you had a fabulous time!

  3. Both of these dishes were winners, Hubby and I enjoyed each one. Your chicken looks delicious , and the nice part is we can substitute
    many different peppers. Happy weekend.

  4. Yes, both of these recipes were quite satisfying. Your trip to Napa & cooking adventures sound beautiful. Ah, to be surrounded by incredible nature and good foods and wines- heaven for sure!

  5. Your trip does sound perfect.

    Lovely dishes!

  6. Your chicken looks perfect and I love the touch of serving a little salted dark chocolate with the pears. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Napa!

  7. A delicious looking Chicken Basquaise with peppers from the garden, I love that! And how wonderful that you were able to spend time in Sonoma and Napa Valley, I have been never able to visit but I always imagine it to be an absolutely amazing place to visit - would love to see some pictures from the trip!

    P.S:: With respect to the Fig Walnut Cake, I hope it turned out well and if you happen to have taken a picture and find the time, I would love to post your link on my facebook page. Thank you!

    Have a great Sunday!

  8. Both done beautifully! I cooked my chicken in the piperade, but not for the full time. I think most Doristas loved this :)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful trip. The chicken was delicious, but my mouth is watering over the chocolate alongside the poached pear!

  10. Your trip sounds idyllic!
    And your dishes look fantastic!

  11. Love it all! :) also love winning streaks with french fridays, makes you even more excited for the new recipes! :)