Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FFwD Cookie Break - Speculoos

I don't know about you but I'm having a panic attack.......Christmas is coming........soon......I'm not ready....not even close! Good time to bake cookies, dontyathink?

I was sceptical about this recipe. Rolled cookies are not my favorite and I was certainly not looking forward to working with a soft dough, especially for a plain little, crunchy, brown cookie! The only thing this recipe had going for it was the flexibility of making the dough one day and baking the cookies the next.

The spicy smell of cinnamon filled the house as they baked. Even the dogs wanted a cookie. We loved them! But more importantly Dorie taught me a great way to roll out cookie dough.......between sheets of waxed paper! Seems like I would have run across this little tip sooner! Maybe I won't mind making rolled cookies quite as much in the future. I'm going to try rolling the dough and freezing it. Then I could have fresh baked cookies at a moments notice!

My cookie cutter is about an inch bigger than Dorie's so the cookies took about 4 minutes longer to bake. I'm going to look for a smaller cutter for next time, just because the little cookies are so cute. Before baking I lightly sprinkled the cut out cookies with demerara sugar. It gave them a soft sheen.

To find out more about French Fridays with Dorie visit the website. Its really a lot of fun. You should join us!


  1. I hope you save some for me!!!!

  2. I had several and they were delicious!

  3. Yours look perfect for tea time or morning coffee. Sprinkling them with sugar was a nice touch.