Saturday, June 15, 2013

FFwD - Back of the Card Cheese Bread

Summer has come to the plains!  We went from monsoons to heat.  Has Oklahoma become tropical?
Back of the Card Cheese Bread
This recipe is very easy and very adaptable to whatever ingredients you have on hand.  Four eggs make this bread more like a cake!

I didn't have tapenade so I used pesto.  I had a drawer full of end pieces of cheese of unknown varieties.  There was a piece of parmesan and a little cheddar, though.  That much I know.  I had a few olives and a bit of roasted red pepper.  It was a mishmash of stuff that came together perfectly.

I took it to a going away party for a friend who has retried and is going to try out different places to see where she wants to live.  She's going to Mississippi first.  What an adventure!

And, yes, this bread is wonderful with a glass of white wine!  I like Honig Sauvignon Blanc.

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  1. I can always count on you to come up with a good libation suggestion so thank you for the Honig idea. I've never been to Rutherford but like Honig wines. My bread turned out perfectly but just lacked a little something in taste. I think your throwing everything into the pot was a great idea and probably made for a tastier quick bread. Friday, Saturday, who cares? I am interested in your friend, her upcoming retirement adventures, and choosing a place to set down new roots. Not meaning to be rude but unless she's a Faulkner fan or has family there, why????? Mississippi? No accounting for weather patterns these days, huh?

  2. Okay, I must share this. My best friend (who is originally from Upstate NY) lived in Mississippi, Hawaii, Montana and Texas and decided that Mississippe is where she wanted to settle. She absolutely loves it there. I don't get it, but they are very happy.
    Now, the thought of a tropical Oklahoma is mind blowing...
    Great bread - love the pesto idea :-)

  3. This one was made for using up things in the fridge. I think pesto sounds fantastic. Thank you for my "aha" moment of the day. I didn't like the texture of this one, too much like cake. It must have been all those eggs. I prefer savory loaves with more of a muffin texture.

  4. The red pepper added such a nice colour to your bread. Have a lovely weekend Guyla.

  5. Oh, this looks delicious.. I love the idea of throwing in who knows what! Though the problem with that is, it is impossible to replicate. ;)

  6. I love your mishmash of additions...perfect with a glass of wine!

  7. These cake sales of Dories SCREAM wine at me. I'm not usually a wine drinker as an appertif but that is simply what you must have with these. A sweet cocktail won't do. Sauv blanc is perfect for this! I wish I had put roasted red pepper in mine to make the 'view' as interesting as yours. Great choice!

  8. A glass of wine is the thing to accompany this bread! I like it a lot toasted too. Similar to the way I like the cheese scallion one. I like your friend`s idea too!

  9. I used a mix of all sorts of cheeses that I had too! how funny!! :)