Sunday, March 20, 2011

French Fridays and the Super Moon

What better way to moon gaze than a french friday patio dinner....even if it is Saturday! Some of our recipes for March were so good and easy! They demanded a repeat!  I know many fellow french friday cooks didn't care for Beggar's Linguine but I loved it and wanted to try it with homemade pasta.  My pasta was light, tender and delicious but with this dish I think I prefer the chewier texture of packaged dried least until I can figure out how to duplicate the texture at home.

For dessert it was salted butter-breakups! This time I served them with chocolate sauce for dipping.

We drank Amorosa, a light California Champagne that's easy to drink....and easy on the budget!


  1. wow they both look AMAZING!!! great photos too. i made the cheese bread this week 0 still playing catchup.

  2. Your homemade pasta sounds delicious! And, I love the chocolate dipping sauce with your breakups! That is a great moon watching meal!

  3. Oh my best tip of French Fridays has come from you Lola! This is a girl who loves her champers. Just not the price. Amorosa will be purchased shortly.

    Love that you made the Beggar's pasta w/homemade. I've never been so adventurous to make homemade pasta before.
    You rock sista!

  4. Ah - I thought fresh pasta definitely upped the ante on the Beggar's Pasta (Now, everytime I make pasta, The Dude wants to know why I didn't put fruit and nuts into it).

    The cookies look great & love you moon-gazing selections!

  5. What a wonderful, buttery feast! Must have gone great with the bubbly! I'm partial to Cavas when it comes to inexpensive sparkling wine, but definitely would look out for the Amorosa... just the name got me! Who wouldn' want some loving bubbly?

  6. Beautiful foods. Homemade pasta...that is a dream...used to do it, but not in a have inspired me. And yes, chocolate dipping sauce sounds delicious!

  7. Wow, this sounds like a heavenly meal, Lola! No pun intended. Really, it just looks perfect.

  8. I agree - the Beggar's Linguine was well worth a repeat! Nice work with the homemade pasta - I've been trying to decide whether or not I should splurge on the pasta attachment for my's getting closer to 'Yes!'.

    Great idea with the chocolate dipping sauce for the cookies, too! YUM!